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Who we are

The idea was first born in 2020 during the peak of the pandemic. It became apparent how difficult it was for individuals to get access to capital to launch their businesses, so we decided to create this platform to provide visibility and access to capital for the brightest ideas in Africa.


Our mission is to see creative ideas within Africa brought to life. We know that access to capital is a huge problem for a lot of people on the African continent and we are hoping to solve that problem. The world is a much healthier and vibrant place when influential concepts are brought to life and we strive to fulfil that purpose.

What solution are we proposing?

We want to ensure that creators have control over their projects, but at the same time provide a way for the backers to be a part of their journey. This is why creators will be able to offer rewards in form of perks to their backers. The rewards (products, content, etc) will vary in size and quantity depending on the type of project and the amount of money donated. Creators will not be offering equity in exchange for capital.

Launch coming in 2021

How it works


Creator submits crowdfunding campaign

Creator opens account and fills the campaign form while adding the perks/rewards they have in store for their backers


Application is reviewed by Squord

The campaign is not launched on the platform until the team reviews the application to ensure it meets the standard and requirements laid out by Squord.


Creator raises fund on platform

Funds are raised within a set time. Funds are wired to creators upon the completion of the raising period. Only funds that meet their goal are sent to the creators. Funds that don’t meet their goal are sent back to the backers.


Equity/stake provided to Investors

Certain amount of private shares are provided to the investors in exchange for their capital. This shares represent a certain ownership stake in the company.


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